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Mmark Frequently Asked Questions. Also see the XML2RFCv3 FAQ: https://www.rfc-editor.org/materials/FAQ-xml2rfcv3.html, section below will have the same questions, but then answered in mmark syntax.

How Do I Create an Independent IETF Document?

Use the following as starting point for your title block, ipr and submissiontype are the important settings here.

title = "Title"
abbrev = "Title"
ipr = "none"
submissiontype = "independent"
keyword = [""]

name = "Internet-Draft"
value = "draft-00"
stream = "independent"
status = "informational"

How Do I Create an IRTF Document?

Set submissiontype and stream in seriesInfo to IRTF. Items like workgroup function as they do for normal Internet-Draft documents.

How Do I Create an IAB Document?

Set submissiontype and stream in seriesInfo to IAB. Items like workgroup are (I believe) ignored for this stream.

How Do I Create an FYI Document?

Use this as the seriesInfo:

name = "FYI"
value = "2100"
stream = "IETF"
status = "informational"

Note this makes xml2rfc still complain, but at least creates valid XML.

How Do I Make an Author an Editor

Use role = "editor" in the author’s section in the titleblock.


How do I get a list like (1), (2), (3) or (a), (b), ©?

Use a block level attribute: {type="(%d)"}, {type="(%c)"} or {type="REQ%d"}.

How do I get continuous numbering in a list that is split by text (or across sections)?

Set the group attribute with a block level attribute.

{type="REQ%d" group="reqs"}
1. do a
2. do b

Here is text in between

{type="REQ%d" group="reqs"}
1. do c
2. do d

How do I get indentation? or How do I use definition lists?

How do I insert non-ASCII characters?

This is handled for you, mmark will wrap non-ASCII characters in <u>. The asciiFullname and friends used in authors and contacts is currently not implemented.

How do I insert a table?

How do I get bold, italics, or a fixed-width font?

  • bold: **bold**
  • italics *italics*
  • fixed-width, wrap in back-ticks

How do I get subscript and superscript?

  • subscript: _2_
  • superscript: ^10^

Do I have to use the bcp14 element each time a keyword (e.g., “MUST”) appears in my document?

Just use **MUST**, i.e. make the bcp14 element bold and capital, mmark wraps these in <bcp14> tags.